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Our Pets

Quality Guaranteed

Our puppies are sold as pets only. No breeding of our dogs is allowed. No reselling of our puppies is allowed. If these conditions are breached, there will be legal consequences. 

You will be asked to sign a legal contract and follow all the statements in it.  

We are against puppy farmers, who breed dogs to death and dishonest buyers, who resell puppies.

We are raising our puppies using Puppy Culture program, because we would like them to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically.

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice of pet. However you never know how life can change. By law, if within 3 days a dog is not acceptable for the purchaser, any breeder is required to take the dog back and is obliged to refund 50% of the purchase price of the dog. This does not apply to accidental injury or death of the dog.

All of our puppies:​ 

  • vet certified with personal medical record booklet

  • have all the required vaccinations

  • have worming treatment every two weeks

  • microchipped

  • started toilet training

  • on desexing contract

  • copy of PRA (night blindness) clear test papers of their parents  

  • copy of full breed DNA of their parents

  • information sheet about puppies

  • bag of transition food 

  • puppy blanket with their familiar smell

  • toys

  • bowl

  • bag of training treats 

Terms and conditions can be updated without notice. Please check it out once again before make a final decision.


Ice is a cute boy, loves attention, masher, who's aim of the life is to lick you in a face and he will not let you go until he achieves this task. Ice loves playing with his ball and he wants everyone to join his team. He is so in love with Molly, he can not stay without her even 1 minute, actually they have never been separated. During our daily walks he always make sure, that they walk side by side.


Molly has a calm, loving personality and are extremely easygoing. She acts like a lady, letting Ice to woo her attention. Molly loves cuddles the most. She also very playful when it's play time, she has a big collection of her favourite toys.

Our puppies

We have our first litter born 31/03/2021
One boy Simba and three girls Bella, Maya and Pippa will be sold to the best parents, who will love them to bits and have no intention to breed.
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