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Hello everyone and welcome to Rabbit Dachshund Australia! We are a family based in Sydney and we have little purebred Kaninchen (Rabbit) Dachshunds -  Molly (01/02/2019) is 3.8 kg,  Boydan chocolate/dapple 3,5 kg and Mia 2,5 kg, which will have puppies occasionally.

The story started a long time ago when I was dreaming about a dog that didn’t grow in size. During our family trip to Europe I saw a tiny sausage dog and she was 6 years old at that time. I couldn’t believe that a dachshund could be that small! That was a Kaninchen Dachshund - the smallest type of all three Dachshund's breed. When I got back home to Sydney, I started to search for that tiny breed so I could buy it. I was looking for months and discovered that apparently there was no such variety in Australia. I decided that I would be the first to bring the Kaninchen Dachshund to Australia.

By the way, our breed Kaninchen/Rabbit Dachshund has now been recognised in Australia with ANKC, it took a long time though, but we did it. Now Molly have been registered with ANKC and have her main pedigree with ANKC as well as her original one with FCI. 

The process of bringing an animal to Australia is very expensive and very long, but time flies and today my beautiful small doggies Rabbit Dachshunds in Australia with me enjoying their life in Sydney. You can be sure that your puppy will be purebred from parents with original FCI pedigree and great a blood line from big kennel with great reputation.

Our doggies have a very interesting blood line - German, Russian, Canadian, their ancestors have all been champions in their categories. You can call them Kaninchen Teckel Rabbit Teacup dachshund. The main difference from miniature dachshund puppies is the size, our puppies are smaller in size, but have the same conformation. Our puppies are bred for temperament, health and size - the price will be set after puppies are born.  

Our dogs are very socialised people. They are having fun playing outside. They walk on streets, beaches and shops, speak with other dogs and people in their own language.

It has been our dream to bring a new breed — the Kaninchen/Rabbit Dachshund - to Australia and it has finally happened!

 Please be sure to follow our Instagram page: rabbit_dachshund_australia for updates and photos. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or direct messages on Instagram.

Once you have read all the information on this web site and other sources, and made the decision, that Kaninchen Dachshund is for you, please put yourself in the Puppy waiting list (at the bottom of this page) with information:

- about yourself,

- the city you are from,

- how you came across this breed,

- have you had dogs before,

- do you live in a house or apartment,

- other relevant information

Request form without such information will not be considered  (no time wasters, please)

We are very carefully choosing our future pawparents! We would also like to meet our pawparents when possible in person and become friends. 

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